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Concerning flights, there are only few cities in Venezuela that has a regular flight daily to Canaima. It is important to let everybody know that the falls are in the Canaima National Park, the main town to begin your expeditions is also named CANAIMA.

The commercial private flights depart from the following cities:

Ciudad Bolivar-Canaima- Ciudad round trip

Departure time: 07:00 / 08:00 / 09:00am

Arriving time: 08:00 / 09:00 / 10:00am

Return flight time: 10:30am / 01:00pm

Arriving time: 11:30am / 02:00pm

Price p/p: $200

Our price p/p: $190

Contact us for a flight reservation to Canaima, you will not find a better price on the internet!

Puerto Ordaz-Canaima-Puerto Ordaz:

Only charters flights (private planes).

Departing at any time before sunset

Price p/p $190


Departure time: 07:00am - arriving time: 09:00am

Return flight time: 03:00pm - arriving time: 05:00pm

Price p/p: $230

Sta. Elena- Canaima- Sta. Elena / Sta. Elena-Canaima- Ciudad. Bolivar, and viceversa / Airline: Rutaca

Departure time: 08:00am - arriving time: 10:00am

Return flight time: 10:30am - arriving time: 12:30pm

Price p/p: $180

Examples of private charter flight from Caracas:

Air plane: Let 410 Minimum Group of 15 persons.

Departure: The Carlota Airport in Caracas

07:30 / Return: 17:00.

Price: $200 per person.

Air plane: Cessna 402 / 7 persons.

Price: $300 per person.

Airplane: Piper Aztec / 5 persons.

Price: $350 per person.
Helicopters. 6 pax per hour..

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It is not possible to get to Canaima by land, It is necessary to approach either by plane or helicopter from any of the cities that we have mentioned.

You can visit Canaima by river, check the latest updates on river expeditions and Angel Fallls on:

A way to save money is going by bus from Caracas, it could be a luxury bus with air condition, TV., reclining seats, beds and toilet (departures are in the morning, noon and night.) It will take around 8 hours to get to Ciudad Bolivar from Caracas.

We suggested to reserve the night bus, in this way you save the cost of one night in hotel and a local cab.

You will be arriving around 06:00 am. At the terminal of Ciudad Bolivar.
Take a local taxi to the airport of Ciudad Bolivar, it will be less than 5 minutes to get there.

The flights to Canaima depart after 07:00am.

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HOW TO GET TO ANGEL FALLS please check latest updates on:

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